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ACUS 2004

Random comments of dubious merit on matters relating to ACUS 2004

Kris Fazzari and her con staff did a phenomenal job. The con ran quite smoothly. Excellent work. all involved should take a well-deserved bow.

The big news is the GoO/Phage news. You've all heard it by now. Let's move on.

Slot 1
I played in Mark and Jesse's "And If I Die Before I Wake..."
It was a grim superhero game in which I somehow ended up playing the Manhunter from Mars through no fault of my own. As I missed dinner that night, I went down to the hotel store and bought several packages of Oreos to survive on. In my mind, the highlight of the game was Catwoman, Robin, and Batgirl discussing Batman's relationship issues.

Slot 2
I played in Sol Foster's "Fortune Favors the Bold (Again)"
Bridgette informed me that I had to play Oliver in a game in which she could play Tabitha so Sol was talked into running this game. Twas good, mindless swashbuckling fun in which I used a dirigible to drop barrels (of wine) on a giant monkey.

I ran 6 games. I started with Slot 3 and with Slot 8.

Slot 3
The Black Watch
There were some great players and characters in this game. There were some who might have been a bit too reckless and brash. Suffice it to say, this game explained two long-debated issues of Zelazny canon: 1) how could Chaos possibly lose the Patternfall War? and 2) why did Gramble, Duke Sawll, think adopting Merlin as his son and heir was a good idea?
Interestingly, I know The Black Watch reflected into other games at ACUS and had an effect on J.P.'s Shadowforce Oberon and my Force 10 from Avalon.

Slot 4
Ill Met in Amber
The Beelzepub thread was resolved. Characters spent much time in the hospital. Information was shared. The characters realized the extent of the threat they face.

Slot 5
When the Queen Says, "Go and Die": Two Years After
Romance. Conspiracies. Secret identities. Men in black. Only the enemy pub was destroyed this year. The musketeers still have a place to drink. Though rest assured, a certain musketeer has made a most dangerous enemy of the Countess and time is on her side....

Slot 6
One Night in Heerat
A game that shows that no plan survives contact with players. The game had to be reworked on the fly as 1/4 of the cast did not attend the game. Simply put, a plot revolving around two teams of players was no longer feasible and the plot had to be completely discarded.
On the plus side, the players who attended did a marvelous job and the interactions were incredible. This was an Amberpunk game in which no gun was pulled, no shot fired, no blade drawn or used, and no punch thrown. There were no acts of violence in the game...

Slot 7
Force 10 from Avalon
Probably my most successful game of ACUS 2004. Despite its name, the players "got it." It was meant to be the anti-BoG: a game featuring top agents of an Amberite but in a serious vein. The players exceeded expectations. They were a phenomenal group of players with brilliant ideas and excellent role-playing. They too answer the Zelazny canon question of how Chaos lost Patternfall. The answer is Benedict had Force 10.

Slot 8
To Live and Die in Texorami: the Good, the Bad, and The Unicorn
My other great disappointment at ACUS. There was a GM-caused late start, an absent player or three, players who had to leave incredibly early, and outside disruptions that really hurt the flow of the game. On the plus side, Daniel and Genevieve were finally married. Hank and Flora Mae were married. Lucky Jack made a lot of money gambling with wedding guests and planning a few surprises for his best friend. 'Red Hot' Ryerson returned from the allegedly dead and the town came out in force to celebrate his return. Mongo's alphabet was a hit. Bart got to make a lot of money off gamblers in town for the Big Game because all the better poker players were busy worrying about renewed activity on the Black Sands.
This was the first TLaDiT with something of a cliffhanger ending. The TLaDiT players have decided that for ACUS 2005, the game will be listed as an ongoing campaign with no new characters.

I made I through GMing six games once again this year though it was harder this year than most. I never really got to leave the hotel for dinner as I had in years past. This made a difference as I never really got a change of air or a chance to decompress between games. Next year, the Boss and I are making it to dinner no matter what.

I had no major health issues at the con til Sunday night. On my way to TLaDiT, I had a rather serious health issue, but I still made it to the game and ran it as best I could. Not bad all things considered.

One of the best parts of the con was the late night chats after the evening games.

Next up, ACN 2004 and running every slot :-)
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